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  • Heidi Bailey

Why choose A for Appointments to help you find a job?

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Hi there! My names Heidi and I am the office and marketing assistant at A for Appointments. I have recently joined the team, and they are a great bunch. After I got a call from Ashleigh, one of the consultants, she was amazing she invited me for a face-to-face interview, and she talked about possible opportunities and how she could help. I was shocked; I didn’t know job recruiting agencies existed. I thought I was left to drown in the sea of jobs. Luckily for me, they saw my potential and offered me a job inhouse, which I am extremely grateful for.

So, a little bit about me, I am 20 years old and graduate from the University of Sheffield with a Journalism degree in a few months. I understand that looking for a graduate job can be difficult, stressful, especially with university deadlines. A for appointments is a job recruiting agency in Sheffield that aims to find the right job for your skillset, someone to help you find employment with friendly support throughout.

Working at A for Appointments provides me with experience within a company structure that is fantastic for my CV. I am gaining admin experience, communication skills and implementing my marketing skills to grow its audience further. Therefore, we can reach out and find more potential applicants for jobs and provide the support they need. Marketing and communications is something I am very passionate about; our consultants are passionate about talking to individuals and providing the best job hunting experience for them, combined with are a team striving for the best for our clients.

I know I might sound bias, but all the consultants are lovely, hardworking, and approachable (its true!) also I understand that talking on the phone with someone can be scary, especially when it is to do with looking for jobs; the whole experience can be very overwhelming. But from the get-go, A for Appointments professional and welcoming approach make you feel at ease and instantly reassure you and guide you throughout.

They help everyone find a job no matter who you are, they cover across the board on a generalist basis. I know from personal experience looking for jobs can be very monotonous and brain- draining. Sometimes I find jobs, but I do not know where they are located, the details of the role and whether it is suitable for me. Job hunting can be a lonely process, but it becomes so much less so when you are with a recruitment agency, especially one that cares!

At A for appointments they care, and they help you every step of the way. Helping you with CV advice, cover letters, preparing for interviews, accepting, and reflecting on feedback from the interviews, offering specialist advice in your chosen field and working hard on your behalf to find the right job for you. They have great relationships with companies across the board and will often know about roles before anyone else. Their aim is for you to feel confident when going to your interview and to have the smoothest experience possible.

As covid-19 restrictions start to lift, more jobs are opening; if you are looking for a job, why not give our friendly consultants a call and let us know what you have in mind. There is no time like today to look; whether you are looking for a career change or are graduating, we are here to help and have confidence in you.

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