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Big enough to deliver, small enough to care

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A for Appointments have provided specialist call centre staff in South Yorkshire for over 20 years and are entrusted by many large and well established companies to provide a thorough and professional recruitment experience.

As an agency, we offer our clients the highest level of service and have the ability and capacity to supply high volumes of staff at a moment’s notice.

Unlike most agencies today, A for Appointments continue to meet and interview all potential candidates and recommend them to our clients only when we are confident of their suitability. This process, which allows us to establish a candidate’s experience, personality and attitude, ensures we find the perfect match for our client’s needs.

Through our years of commitment and experience, we have learned to identify the attributes needed to excel within a call centre environment and pride ourselves on achieving both a high number of placements and a remarkable retention rate once a candidate is placed.

Steps to ensure success with A for Appointments 

The candidate

A for Appointments gains 30% more applicants than its competitors through job sites in Sheffield. We firmly believe this is because we advertise with a high number of job boards; many of which we sponsor to guarantee a high volume of candidates.

Once a CV is received and assessed, the most suitable applicants are contacted by telephone to undergo a short but in-depth interview. Those who pass this stage are then invited to meet with one of our consultants for a face-to-face interview.

Upon arrival, the candidate’s right to work documents are scanned and verified, and a copy retained for our records.

During the interview, the candidate’s skill-set is established and their suitability to either a sales or customer service role is identified. Successful candidates are then talked through the job specification in detail to ensure they have a full understanding the role for which they have applied, and their consent to move to the next stage of the interviewing process is obtained.

Once we have recommended the candidate to the client, and the client has confirmed their interest in the candidate, we arrange a more formal interview or book them on an induction day with the client.


The client

A for Appointments provide both temporary and permanent staff for call centres.

All new clients are visited personally onsite to gain a thorough understanding of their needs, and each specific role is discussed in detail.

We work in partnership with the company to determine its staffing expectations and gain an overall understanding of the role(s) to be filled. This is often supported by listening in on a number of calls and helps us find the most suitable candidate for the job.

Some of the clients we are currently supplying

A for Appointments- Call Centre Team


A 4 Appointments is an agency I use every time for our varied and sometimes challenging company recruitment needs.  The level and quality of applicants we receive and the speed at which we receive them is always of the highest standard.  The overall service provided is an extremely positive one.

A for Appointments have developed an excellent relationship with us which has been nurtured over a period of many years in which time we have had many success stories from admin assistants through to senior digital marketing professionals.

Digital Marketing Communications Manager.

I have used A for Appointments for several vacancies in the Directorate of International Development at Sheffield Hallam University and each time been very pleased with the quality of the candidates and the commitment of the staff to finding the right person for the job.  I can highly recommend them.

Jennie Horner, Head of International Marketing.

We have found A for Appointments to be very professional and it has been good to have a named contact and even better to have her pop in to meet us so we could put a face to the name.  The staff we have had from A for Appointments have been well matched to the role we've needed them for and I'm very pleased to say our latest has been offered a 6-month contract with us, shortly after receiving 'Temp of the Month' - a really good result all round.

Student Wellbeing Coordinator


I would like to thank you for your enthusiasm and support in helping to fill our vacancy.  Your understanding and interpretation of 'the brief' have been exemplary.  The service levels and attention to our needs above and beyond much of those experienced elsewhere.

You have been extremely pro-active in resourcing for the vacancy and presented candidate CVs ad managing appointments in a very business-like and efficient manner.

Account Director

We have worked with A for Appointments for a number of years and they have supplied us with both temporary and permanent staff.

They have taken the time to understand our business and are our first port of call for any recruitment needs.  Because of their understanding and expertise, we are able to fill vacancies with the minimum of fuss.

HL Brown and Son Ltd

I would like to thank you and the entire team for the 6 star support you have given us in our recent recruitment of key team members.  We have worked with A for Appointments for over 5 years now and we have always been very happy with the service we have received from you.

Knowing that you personally have vetted the candidates was clear in the fact that we had such a hard job picking individuals to go through our recruitment process.  The quality was exceptional, they were after much more than just a job and they were the type of individuals we were looking for.

The four team members who are currently in their 3 month trial period are all doing really well and exceeding our expectations of what they can achieve and what they can do for us.

Thank you for your commitment to our business.  It's great to work with a recruitment company you can trust, when so many don't deliver, you do.

Head of HR and Personnel

We had previously been wary of using recruitment agents, but Madison's unassuming approach made a refreshing change from our previous experiences and I was happy to give her a try.

Madison was quick to grasp both the requirements of our Software Developer vacancy and the culture of the company and appreciated that a good technical fit was only part of the story.  All the candidates put forward had been interviewed personally by Madison and she clearly understood the sort of person we were looking for.

The candidates were well prepared having been given pre-interview advice by Madison and she continued to take an interest in each throughout the process.  She seemed genuinely enthusiastic about the prospect of finding the right person for us and helping someone in their career.

We would certainly consider using Madison again and would recommend A for Appointments, particularly if you've not used recruiting agencies before.



JSPI am just writing to thank you for assisting us with our last two permanent recruitments in to our administration team, both of which have been successful.

I found on both occasions that the quality of candidates put forward by A for Appointments far exceeded that of other agencies.  You seem to fully understand what our requirements were with regards to candidates' experience, skills and personality.  As a result, the majority of applicants shortlisted for interview were from A for Appointments and both recruitments ended with your candidates being offered the position.

Marrie, I really appreciate your professionalism and your visit to the office, so that you could get a more comprehensive view of what we do and the type of applicant we needed for the role, was extremely helpful.

I would not hesitate to recommend A for Appointments.
Thanks again for all your help.

Office Manager


Thanks to you both for helping me find a new employee at Sheffield Development Properties.

Your services are brilliant & I will recommend to anyone.

If I do need to recruit again, I will definitely be asking you both to help me as you produce a wonderful service.

Managing Director


HighlanderA for Appointments have always managed to combine that personal approach with professionalism, which makes dealing with them a joy.

Commercial Director



Margaret works tirelessly on the behalf of both ends of the client scale, both recruiters and candidates alike, her exceptional skill of perception enable her to have a mental list of possible solutions before even having left the consultation arena, an absolute star of her industry it’s little wonder she has enjoyed so many years of success


GrunwergI would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for a top class service.  I have dealt with numerous recruitment agencies in the past and you have in my estimation put yourself on top.

Not only have you supplied reliable, hardworking people, but you have listened to my requirements to find the right people for the job.  Your commitment to get it right the first time and to keep it right is a breath of fresh air and  would without hesitation use you in the future.

Our satisfaction is not only in the staff provided but also in the professionalism of you and your company and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any other business who need full time or temporary staff.

General Warehouse Manager



Transaction Network Services have been working with A for Appointments for 5 years.   A for Appointments were chosen to provide our new staff when we were setting up our Customer Care Centre and, since then, have continued to work with us as a valued partner.

Because they understand the nature of our business, A for Appointments provide us with candidates that meet our requirements in terms of skills and experience.  In addition, they provide us with a choice of candidates quickly, which is essential in our fast paced environment.  They have played an essential role in allowing us to quickly meet the changing demands of our business.

I would have no hesitation in recommending A for Appointments to other businesses.

Human Resources Advisor


CorneliusI have been with Cornelius for 4 years and have used A for Appointments throughout this time to supply a variety of differing roles but mainly administration and support roles.

I have always found A for Appointments to be responsive, committed and professional in their dealings with IMI Cornelius and I have been more than happy with the quality of candidates put to us for interview.

I am kept informed at all times of the progress of our recruitment campaigns, I am fully briefed on all candidates and candidates are well prepared and briefed before attending interviews.

Over the 4 years our account has been maintained by a dedicated point of contact and we have built up an excellent relationship which ensures that A for Appointments understand our business and its requirements.

I would not hesitate in recommending A for Appointments to another business.

HR Manager



Thank you one again for providing us with a valued new member of staff.  You always seem to just get it right and offer a personal touch which most recruitment companies don't offer.

Company Secretary


NorthernLightsWe have used A for Appointments on two separate occasions when we were looking for a Marketing person and an IT person. We have just engaged their services again for a vacancy that has recently arisen.

We found them very professional in their approach.  They visited us in order to better understand our requirements and type of business.  They have a hands-on approach but are not too pushy.

We would have no hesitation on recommending them.




Could I once again thank both you and your fantastic team for offering me support during a recent recruitment drive.

Working in an SME has its challenges, not least the capacity to make you think that you have to tackle as many of the jobs yourself - you know the drill:  keeping quality.... maintaining continuity for clients.... no one looks after your clients like you do......... etc, etc.

In the past I've found myself in this position and since 2007 you've helped me to find excellent staff to take on board the roles that I should have relinquished months before!

From our absolutely excellent book-keeper who has now been with me for 6 years and is like my right arm, to our more recent recruitment of project management staff needed for our complex office needs.

From the very start of any enquiry, you allow us to relax secure in the knowledge that you'll solve our problems and find 'just the right person' for our needs.   You've never got it wrong and we've worked with some fantastic staff - people who help us to stand back from the business enough to see the bigger picture which is what every  manager should be able to do.

We're currently settling in with Sharon, our latest recruit who is setting her own trends and getting to grips with the processes involved with our business.  She lives locally, has professional experience and a logical approach which is critical for us and most of all she likes dogs!

Thank you once again for all your support and we look forward to using your services again in the future when we aim to look for a support worker for Sharon.

In the meantime, we would never consider another agency - how could they compete when you give it your all every time 🙂


Frequently Asked Questions from our Clients.

1. What makes A for Appointments different to all the other agencies I have used before?

A for Appointment’s position in the market place is as a direct response to clients needing a more flexible, innovative, honest and tailor-made service. Working in partnership with clients, creating relationships and listening to their true needs, is the core strength of A for Appointments. Our consultants are unique in that they work with their own database of clients across the full range of services. Therefore, whether the client’s needs are permanent staff, temporary, industrial or office they will only speak with one consultant. When they subsequently recruit for a vacancy they are then able to select candidates on the basis of their knowledge about the client and company. This benefits the client as A for Appointments will be more likely to create a perfect match between candidate and client.

2. Why do you want to visit me?

We feel it is important to develop a good relationship between ourselves and our clients. In order to do that we visit the company who have asked us to provide a permanent member of staff. When we visit we are able to gather information to help us identify the candidates best suited to the vacancy and the working practices of the company. The consultant can also speak from experience when explaining the working environment, as well as how to get there and the attitude of the staff. In this way we can offer a superior service to all our clients.

3. What is the vetting process for the potential candidates, have you met them or are they sent randomly from the internet?

When we send candidates for interview, or to complete a temporary booking, they have all been registered and fully interviewed – a process which can last up to an hour. We advertise extensively on the internet, when we have identified impressive CVs, we invite all prospective candidates to meet us before considering them for an interview. We then test the candidates pre-interview, and reference all temporaries before sending them out on an assignment.

4. Which industries do you specialise in?

A for Appointments cover various industries including office, sales, management, executive, I.T., industrial and hospitality. Within those industries we include legal, accounting, and other specialist industries. Our consultants work in the areas where they have previous knowledge and are able to contribute to the understanding of the client’s business.